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November Featured Brewer

John W. Smith

Each month we feature one of our brewers. This month, our featured brewer is John W. Smith. John is one of Red Earth's newer members and brewer. He has been a big part of the club since he joined and his brewing skills have made leaps and bounds since he started brewing. Here is a little more about John and his craft beverage journey.

Occupation: Building Engineer

Home Brewery Name: Beer City Brewing Co.

Years Brewing: 1 year and 3 months

What are your favorite styles to brew? Dark Lagers and Amber Ales

What got you into brewing? I had always been interested in brewing but it wasn’t until Andrea Potter took me to my first REB meeting that I had any inkling that I could do it. With the support of members in the club I stepped out and took the plunge. Brewed my first beer with Nick Hodge and then bought my first electric setup.

Current Brewing Rig: I have two 7 ½ gallon Mash & Boil 110v electric kettles. As the name implies, I can mash and boil in the same vessel due to the lift out grain basket. So very similar to BIAB without the bag.

What Brew Day Rules do you follow?

Sanitation, sanitation, sanitation… Oh and have fun.

Most influential brewing tip you learned: Don’t

worry if I screw something up; there’s always another REB member just a phone call away. lol

Your tip for new brewers just getting started: Get involved with a good brew club. The knowledge and support are invaluable.

What’s on tap at your brew house right now: Strong Bitter, Bad Azz SMaSH, and a German Pilsner SMaSH

Tango is a big freaking dog!!! --->


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