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January Featured Brewer

Ken Morris

Each month we feature one of our brewers. This month, our featured brewer is Ken Morris. Ken is another one of Red Earth's most accomplished brewers. He has won countless medals in competitions across the country. Here is a little more about Ken and his craft beer journey.

Occupation: Retired

Years Brewing: 22

What are your favorite styles to brew? All styles. Right now Germans and Belgians.

What got you into brewing? Discovered craft brewing during the 80’s in Seattle and Portland. Wanted to make something that tasted similar.

Current Brewing Rig: Electric HERMS 220v - HLT (20 gal), MT (15 gal), BK (15 gal)

2nd setup: Simple propane rig for outside, HLT Keggle, MT cooler, BK (10 gal)

What Brew Day Rules do you follow? Prepare as much as possible the night before, measuring and milling grain, water prep, hop selection and yeast starter (if required). Start as early as possible. Layout your recipe and brewing items i.e. thermometer, hydrometer, etc. Don’t drink while brewing (boiling wort burns). Clean up as much as possible as you go along (shorten your brew day). Sanitize everything on the cold side, not just the carboy. Oxygenate your wort after chilling and pitch yeast as soon as possible.

Most influential brewing tip you learned: Control the temperature on the fermentation!

Your tip for new brewers just getting started: Don’t worry about expensive systems that let you brew like the big boys. Start simple. First brew an extract and then move to all grain. Why? You might decide brewing is not for you and you’ve kept your expenses low. If you really get into it you’ll have a garage full of brewing equipment.

What’s on tap at your brew house right now: Vienna Lager, German Pilsner, Belgian Pale Ale, Belgian Witbier, American Blonde, Blackberry Cider. Will change with time.


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