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November Featured Brewer

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Brittany Hendershot

Each month we will feature one of our brewers. This month, our featured brewer is Brittany Hendershot. Brittany has only been a member since May, and although she is fairly new to Red Earth and brewing, she has already won awards, and is on the clubs officer board. Here is a little more about Brittany and her craft beer journey.

Occupation: Veterinary Technician

How long have you been brewing: About a year

What are your favorite styles to brew: Anything off the wall, I love experimenting with flavors!

What got you into brewing: My husband Chester begged me for the longest time. I tried a Mr. Beer brew kit, did not like it and decided that brewing wasn’t for me… that is until we met Deb & Marc Prichard I became interested. As Deb would say “SUCKER!”

Current brewing rig: DarkStar Burners with Bayou Classic 8-, 12- & 15-gallon pots, but we are always buying new equipment and changing the way we do things! We also LOVE brew in a bag, and I swear by it!

What brew day rules do you follow: SANITIZE EVERYTHING! Always play music that gets you excited to brew, follow your time schedule, but ultimately HAVE FUN!

Most influential brew tip you have learned: Be yourself and go crazy. This is your brew, make it your own! If you want to brew a S’mores beer but don’t want to make a stout like everyone else, make your own recipe. My pride and joy is my S’mores Blonde and I’m so happy I took the risk and defied the odds!

Tip for new Brewers just getting started: Make friends, and don’t be afraid to ask them questions! ESPECIALLY in REB, everyone I have met is so nice and inviting and when it comes down to brew day and I’m missing something or need advice I’ve got so many people I can call and ask for help!

What’s on tap at your house right now:

  • Space Camping- S’mores Blonde Ale

  • SpaceBerry sMasH- sMasH Pale Ale with Strawberries

  • Pliney the Britt- West Coast Double IPA

  • Sign of the Limes- Lime Gose

  • BB-8 Bitter- Strong Bitter

  • Viking IPA- IPA

  • Kviek Fest- Festbier


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