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December Featured Brewer

Chris Galloway

Each month we feature one of our brewers. This month, our featured brewer is Chris Galloway. Chris is one of Red Earth's newer members. He is an avid wine maker and fairly new to beer, but his brewing shows his passion for the science. He also has an amazing knack for organization. Here is a little more about Chris and his craft beverage journey.

Occupation: Instructional Systems Designer

for the Air Force

Home Brewery Name: Curly Tail Brewing

Years Brewing: Wine/Cider: 10+ years, Beer: 2 years

What are your favorite styles to brew? Right now, I’m enjoying the experience of brewing everything I can. With the exception of NEIPAs, I haven’t brewed the same style twice. There’s just so many to brew….!!

What got you into brewing? My father-in-law wanted to start making his own wine so we got into that hobby together. That was also a big time for the craft-brewing industry in Colorado and being a huge craft beer enthusiast, I developed an interest in wanting to brew…. But…. My wife kept putting me off……….however, in the end…. She let me build a brewery in our home!!

Current Brewing Rig: SPIKE 3-vessel system

What Brew Day Rules do you follow?

  1. Start early

  2. No matter how many times I’ve done a step, I still talk my way through each step just to make sure I don’t miss anything

  3. Sanitize EVERYTHING

Most influential brewing tip you learned: I’ve had the pleasure of brewing with several REB members and each experience was excellent. But, my brew day with Don Russell was enlightening. He had a ton of stuff going on all at once, but the one point he emphasized was this: Find YOUR process and stick with it. It took me a bit to really grasp that, but now I really understand what he was telling me. No one knows my set-up better than me and I know how I want to brew my batches and I follow that process every time and my beers continue to get better.

Your tip for new brewers just getting started: I’m going to have to quote REB Stalwart Don Russell: “Find a repeatable process that works for you.” And I’ll add “Don’t try and brew like someone else because they make great homebrew….everyone is a bit different…. And everyone has stood in those same shoes…….. Also, good prep work the evening before helps you start out your brew day more efficient and on time………”

What’s on tap at your brew house right now:

Tap 1: Liquid Courage - (Belgium Golden Strong Ale)

Tap 2: Ur Marzen me Crazy! - (Oktoberfest)

Tap 3: Hold my beer.. and watch this! - (Kentucky Common)

Tap 4: An Evening Walk - (Pre-Prohibition Porter)

Tap 5: Brindle - (American Brown Ale)

Tap 6: Red Shiba - (Strawberry Cider)


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