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2nd Quarter Competition (2017)

- 1st    Chad Medford    Weissbier    (Weissbier)

- 2nd   Nicholas Hodge    Double Orange Wit    (Witbier)

- 3rd   Justin Wilson    Berliner On Brett    (Berliner Weisse)

Mashed In Competition (2017)

- Eric Martin    BIG Robust Porter (American Porter - Malty)     (BOS)

- Matt Conner  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Cause I'm A Blonde) (Belgian Blonde Ale - Yeasty)

- Eric Martin    BIG New England IPA (American IPA - Hoppy)

- David Johnson   Jalapeno Cream Ale (Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer - Specialty)


4th Quarter Competition (2016)

- 1st     Jacob Keyes    Dead Serious Imperial IPA (Double IPA)

- 2nd    Brandon Jones


3rd Quarter Competition (2016)


2nd Quarter Competition (2016)

- 1st    LukE Hadsall    Collected Wisdom    (Gueuze)    (BOS)

- 1st    Justin Wilson    BIG Pale    (American Pale Ale)

- 2nd    Keith Wright    American Beauty    (American Wheat Beer)
- 3rd    Ken Morris    Not So Common    (California Common)
- 1st    Kevin Lapham    Totally Rye IPA    (Specialty IPA)
- 2nd    Ken Morris    Late Hop IPA    (American IPA)
- 3rd    Nicholas Hodge Co-Brewer: Marion Hodge    Lake Day IPA    (American IPA)
- 1st    LukE Hadsall    Collected Wisdom    (Gueuze)
- 2nd    LukE Hadsall    The Lost Lambic    (Lambic)
- 3rd    Eric Martin    BIGiner Weisse    (Berliner Weisse)

1st Quarter Competition (2016)

- 1st     Brandon Jones    Lucky Dry (Irish Stout)    (BOS)

- 2nd    Eric Martin Co-Brewer: Justin Wilson    BIG Belgian Tripel (Belgian Tripel)

- 3rd    Ken Morris    Suzie’s Tripel Treat II (Belgian Tripel)

- 1st     Ted Mack    Mr. Pink (Wheatwine)

- 1st     Jacob Keyes    Dead Serious Imperial IPA (Double IPA)

- 2nd   AJ Crowell Co-Brewer: Pete Dahl    Conan The Destroyer (Double IPA)

- 3rd    Justin Wilson Co-Brewer: Eric Martin    BIG DIPA (Double IPA)


Mashed In Competition (2016)

- Nicholas Hodge    Programmer's Elbow (Strong Bitter - Specialty)     (BOS)

- Beth Conner    Vampire Glitter (American IPA - Hoppy)

- David Johnson    Framboise 2014 (Soured Fruit Beer - Yeasty)

- Ken Morris    Dark & Malty (International Dark Lager- Malty)


4th Quarter Competition (2015)

- Bradford Sullivan    Pirate Pumpkin Porter (BOS)

- Chad Medford    Gose

- Matt Wesley    Bourbon Barrel Stout


3rd Quarter Competition (2015)


2nd Quarter Competition (2015)

- Chad Medford    Specialty IPA: Belgian IPA (BOS)    (Click for recipe)

- Matt Gore    American Ale

- Beth Conner    American IPA


1st Quarter Competition (2015)

-Sean McCanne    Strong Scotch Ale


Pink Boots Competition (2015)

- Julie Bennett    Irish Red Ale    (Click for recipe)


Mashed In Competition (2015)

- Bruce Sanchez    Vanilla Porter (BOS)


4th Quarter Competition (2014)

- Matt Conner    Berliner Weisse


3rd Quarter Competition (2014)

- Joseph Harzheim III    Belgian Dark Strong


2nd Quarter Competition (2014)

- Ken Morris    Pilsner    (Click for recipe)


1st Quarter Competition (2014)

- Sean McCanne    Strong Scotch Ale